Applicant Tracking System

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

User experience is one of the most important things to consider when evaluating technology. Is it efficient? Is it easy to learn and use even for non tech savvy people?

PeopleForce makes it easy to post job openings and create hiring teams to collaborate on candidates. Collaborators can comment, rate candidates, and review answers to custom application questions. In the meanwhile you control the visibility of sensitive information like desired salary.

Explore all the robust Applicant Tracking System features that we offer.

All Applicant Data in One Place

Full profile of each applicant with all information is under your finger tips. You and everyone involved in hiring process have qick access to candidate’s profile CV and full profile.

No more sending the same CV and information to multiple managers multiple times. Just share it with management and get feedback on each candidates in one place.

Moreover, you can easily import & export of candidates CVs and Cover letters and edit each applicant’s information.

PeopleForce has very detailed and specific access permission control. It’s you, who controls visibility of sensitive information, like desired salary, to other HR or line managers.

Stay at bird's eye view and know the details

Define how many and what type of interviews are necessary, set responsible hiring managers for each step and control the flow of applicants. Follow applicants through all stages of hiring process in a simple, yet powerful Canban-style timeline.

Rate candidates and always stay in track of which candidate is at what hiring stage. Every change in candidate’s status will generate email notification to all hiring participants.

For each participant you have all the interviewers’ feedbacks, rating, desired salary, contact details. All in one place, accessible in one click.

No more mess in files and overflow of e-mails with interviewers’ opinions.

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Smooth Hiring

Smoothly move through hiring process and provide both positive and negative feedback to all the candidates. Personalized letters will be generated and sent automatically based on applicant’s data.

Sometimes sending feedback manually requires huge amount of time and creates mess with responses and on the top of that, you have to keep track of all responses. With PeopleForce all you need is to upload feedback template, select applicants and let the system do the rest.

Make Job Offers Fun Again

You’ve found the right applicant! Congratulations! Now it’s time to send Job Offer and follow up on its signing and approvals.

PeopleForce is here again, so you don’t have to do it manually. All you need is to set up Job Offer template. After than Job Offer will be generated and sent automatically based on the Applicant’s data.

PeopleForce will also do the tracking and highlight stages of signing process.

We’ve even simplified Job Offer signing process.

Now with PeopleSign eSignature technology your applicant won’t have to look for printing, signing, scanning and sending it back to you.  (S)he just needs to sign it right on the screen of their mobile phone. See how it works – Electronic Signature. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Are you there? PeopleForce has already initiated Onboarding process for your new hire. Check it out here !

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