About PeopleForce
We’re an international and fast-growing IT company from Australia with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. At a certain stage of our growth, we realized that our HR is overwhelmed with recruitment, daily routine and all the related stuff, so we decided to automate and optimise their work too. After searching for industry-specific solutions we realised that we could build a better and more flexible HRM, including best practice from the market and adapting it to the needs of a tech company in the stage of active growth. This is how PeopleForce was born. We developed it easy and flexible enough to tailor it to our customers’ businesses, yet powerful enough to cover the best HR solutions & practices on each stage of company development. From recruitment, onboarding or time tracking, we provide the best HR software for your business, where you can focus on people, not processes.
what we believe in
We developed the PeopleForce system so that it was easy to implement and adapt to the business processes of each company and, at the same time, have powerful and flexible settings.
We make the complex simple. We remove the barriers to easily and effectively managing HR, engaging your people, and running your business.
We put the human back into human resources. We help you put people first because we know that people are the heart of every business, including ours.
“We’re not replacing the HR function, but enabling them to be more efficient through the use of our technology, essentially making their day-to-day lives easier. They are then free to focus on more strategic and operational tasks that deliver greater value to their respective businesses”
Andrew Cetinic, Founder & CEO
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