Integration with

Telegram is one of the most popular free messengers in CIS countries. PeopleForce integration with Telegram allows you to get rid of the daily employee questions “how many vacation days I have?” Integration helps you quickly send a request in the messenger and find out your balance or request sick leave.

Integration with PeopleForce TELEGRAM BOT
The employee can check and use the balance of vacation days and sick leave
Send chat tracking requests to the system
View the database and their contacts
Information on the search for specific staff
View your vacation request and their status
How it works:
Login to the account setting in PeopleForce
Click on Telegram integration and open the chat
Chat the “start” or “menu” command
Select the desired action from the list
Integration with PeopleForce TELEGRAM BOT
Telegram HRM Bot is just a small part of the effective features of the PeopleHR system for automating HR processes. Request a demo and we’ll show you all the features and other robust functionalities of PeopleForce.