Integration with
WORK.UA is the largest job search site for employees in Ukraine. Through integration with PeopleForce, you can make life easier for your HR department. Get feedback on the system that will generate candidate cards. You will be able to keep track of new candidates who wish to work in your company.

Integration with PeopleForce WORK.UA
Publish vacancies from the PeopleRecruit to directly
Update and edit vacancies in a few clicks
Receive real-time responses from candidates to your PeopleForce HRIS profile. If the user with contact information is in the system - he willn’t be added again
Automatic filled-in of candidate profile: the response date of the applicant, name, email, phone, cover letter
Track recruitment performance from job portals using PeopleForce analytics on candidate resources
The number of vacancies that you can publish on corresponds to the rules of the site and the tariff plan of your account
Integration with PeopleForce WORK.UA
Integration with is just a small part of the effective features of the PeopleRecruit for hiring process. Request a demo and discover our smooth hiring process with PeopleRecruit.