Leave & Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking

Save time and money

When you track paid and non paid leave manually in spreadsheets, riss of errors and occasional mistakes are high, costing money to your company. Manual leave tracking is a disjointed process of requesting and approving leave with lots of paperwork and email communication.

Efficiency of your absence management skyrockets with PeopleForce. With custom leave types, leave balance calculation and fully automated leave request and approval system, you can forget about all the hustle and bustle of tracking vacations and other time-offs manually.

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Say goodbye to manual vacation and leave tracking

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Always know who's in and who's out​

The larger your company gets, the less you may be aware of who’s out today and for what reason. No more unexpected absences of people that you need to work with. PeopleForce keeps track of who’s out, based on leave requests, and shows it on a visual dashboard for everyone.

PeopleForce also brings you HR Calendar to keep track of all employees’ absence and other important events.

Time-off at no time

“How many hours of time-off do I have?”, how many times a day you have to answer this question and go through a spreadsheet to calculate? Forget about leave and time-off requests spread over emails and papers.

PeopleForce accumulates and automatically updates all leave balances, including sick leave, annual leave and paid leave of all employees. PeopleForce sends leave requests of employees to their managers for one-click approval and reflects changes in reporting and visual dashboard.

Manage absence your way​

PeopleForce provide flexibility to adapt to any company or country-specific absence management policies. All you have to do is to create custom leave policies, according to your corporate rules, and let PeopleForce do the rest.

You employees and managers can easily submit and approve their leave requests via PeopleForce mobile app anytime, anywhere.

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Intuitive absence management from your mobile

PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with the online version and provides flexibility of absence management on the go.

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