Onboarding Workflows

Make a Lasting Impression

Congratulations! You’ve got a new hire! What’s next? Most companies start with paperwork, setting up a workplace, introducing a new hire to the team and… forget to open an email account, print business cards or assign a buddy.

The initial onboarding experience, which lasts for at least a month, significantly influences job performance, long-term satisfaction, and employee retention. You have no second chance to make first impression.

PeopleForce onboarding workflow software takes care so you don’t forget anything during onboarding. Scroll down to see how it works.

Free your mind of all those little details and let PeopleForce handle the work

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Unlimited Flexibility

Each company and each department is unique, so PeopleForce provides ultimate flexibility in creating an unlimited number of custom onboarding workflows.

Create onboarding workflows, however complex, in two clicks. Add onboarding tasks, assign responsible employees and make yourself a coffee. PeopleForce will handle the rest. The same principle applies to offboarding workflows.

All assigned employees will receive notifications of their onboarding tasks, as soon as you have a new hire.

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