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Free access to PeopleForce for charitable organizations

Free access to PeopleForce for charitable organizations
Inside PeopleForce timer icon2022-10-27

Free access to PeopleForce for charitable organizations

Anastasiia Yefimenko

Since the beginning of the war the PeopleForce team has supported Ukrainian businesses and contributed towards the victory of Ukraine against the Russian invaders.

We understand the importance of a well-coordinated communication process within a team, supporting employees in this difficult time, and finding a quick solution to problems as they arise. The guardian angels of the Ukrainian people, charitable organizations, need it the most.

Therefore, we urge everyone who is involved with volunteer and public organizations, donor centers. and medical networks that help the military and refugees, to contact us for FREE access to the PeopleForce HRM system. We will:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to use the platform for your own needs free of charge;

  • Conduct a demo presentation and onboarding;

  • Explain in detail why and how you can use HR tools to adjust your work processes and overcome new challenges during the war.

Free access will be maintained until the end of hostilities.

Are you involved with volunteer or public organizations, donor centers. and medical networks that help the military and refugees? Email [email protected].

What you can use PeopleForce HRM system for:

  • Fast organization of volunteers and their recruitment anywhere in the world;
  • Automation of HR processes to save time;
  • Absence management and time tracking;
  • Creating data reports and analytics;
  • Assessing productivity and volunteer staff involvement.

We already cooperate with several charitable organizations including: CF "ТИ - АНГЕЛ", "Tabletochki", CF Ukrainian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and others. Here are a few words about how PeopleForce helps them:


"We started to use the PeopleForce system to organize communication between individual projects. Since the platform shows which teams we have and what they do, it is easier for newcomers to navigate. We added all those involved in our work to the employee database so they are easier to find. It helps ensure we don’t lose contacts when establishing communication and quickly find those responsible for projects and solutions." - CF "ТИ - АНГЕЛ".


"We have been looking for a system to streamline HR processes in one place for a long time. We wanted a system that would help employees quickly find information about their colleagues, procedures and templates of basic documents. Setting goals and staff assessment is easy in the PeopleForce system and it helps our team to work systematically on its goals.

We thank PeopleForce for the opportunity to connect to their HRM system, which helps us establish routine processes, give employees convenient access to internal information, and manage goals by tasks. We are now testing the personnel search function, and the integration of the system with Google services and Zoom for even more productivity." - CF "Tabletochki".


"PeopleForce’s personal and team calendars are a great way to remind employees about what is happening amongst the team, add necessary meetings, and discuss urgent matters. We also test the pulse survey and mood scale to know the level of stress and burnout of the team in difficult times." - CF Ukrainian Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

We ask everyone who knows volunteers who can benefit from our HRM-system! Please spread this information for them and share it on social networks. The most important task now is to make sure that Ukrainian charity workers can get the maximum benefit from all the opportunities that various companies now offer to Ukrainians.

A few words about PeopleForce:

PeopleForce is a multifunctional SaaS solution that automates routine work processes and allows you to focus on employees and their personal goals, company goals and performance. Our product consists of 6 modules: PeopleHR, PeopleRecruit, PeopleTime, PeoplePerform, PeoplePulse, and PeopleDesk, which can be customized to the needs of your company.

To join our initiative, please write to us at [email protected].

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