Recruitment process optimization

Easily post jobs on job portals, review candidates in a single database and involve HR managers and employees in the hiring process.

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Applicant tracking system

All information about candidates at your fingertips

Resumes, contacts, files, reviews and candidate ratings are available in one click. A well-thought-out applicatnt tracking system allows you to focus on the selection of talents, and not on finding the right information from hundreds of folders in your computer.

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Job site integrations

Data from different job portals in one place

Publish and edit vacancies, add job seekers and communicate with candidates from job portals directly in PeopleRecruit. All analytics on responses from different sources is stored here.

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Job offer workflow

Simplify hiring process with digital signature

Shorten the lengthy process of accepting a job offer - now the candidate just needs to put an electronic signature "eSign" in your job offer, which you will immediately receive a notification.

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Vacancy pipelines

Custom funnel for each job vacancy

Customize job vacancies funnels and create your own email templates. Control the hiring process, moving a candidate from stage to stage as easy as in Trello.

Interview management

Schedule interviews and easy planning

Schedule interviews, meetings with the company’s top managers in the platform by synchronizing it with your calendar.

Candidate collaboration

Make weight decisions on new hires

Put a rating to the candidate, evaluate experience, communication skills, etc. Add comments and clarifications to make a complete impression of everyone and make a hiring decision faster.

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Reporting & analytics

Predict recruiting with HR analytics

Monitor reports on the main indicators: where the responses came from, how many candidates came and at what stages of the funnel are each of them. Analyze reports to predict future activities.

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Job acceptance status

Real-time view of job offer acceptance status

PeopleRecruit works in a real time and automatically sends notifications about each stage. You will not miss answer from the candidate about accepting or rejecting job offer.

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