Employee onboarding software

Adapt newbies to the maximum efficiency for the company. PeopleForce allows you to customize and control onboarding in a single system.

Employee onboarding software

Customizing the employee onboarding program

Each company has priorities in the onboarding process for newcomers. Focus on these as you design your onboarding program. In PeopleForce, you can make it very flexible, depending on the term of the passage or the desired outcome. Set tasks and add deadlines, insert links, videos and tutorials – it’s up to you.

Onboarding staff from different departments

Do you have several departments, and the adaptation for them should be different in stages or tasks? No problem. Add as many onboarding programs as needed. Do you want to set strict deadlines for one category of staff and leave unlimited time for the other to complete tasks? Of course. Customize everything to the needs of the company.

Track task progress in employee card

PeopleForce allows you to monitor onboarding task progress and performance, meeting deadlines and overdue tasks. Not only system administrators, but also top-management of the company can view the effectiveness of onboarding. The visibility of the Onboarding Tab can be configured in Access Permissions.

All useful information - in the PeopleForce system

A structured knowledge base with all company materials will help the employee become acquainted with useful information: team rules, work schedule, corporate traditions, safety rules, weekend policy, document templates, as well as undergo training on the product, system or soft skills development.

Conducting 1-on-1 adaptation meetings

Use an easy 1-on-1 assignment to listen, find out about task completion, accomplishments, and talk about probation goals. This function can also be used to take stock of the probation and make plans for the future in the company in accordance with the expectations of the department and management, as well as the newcomer himself.

Onboarding all company employees in one place

Because of the individual employee cards, in PeopleForce, you can monitor the status of each employee, view task details and leave a comment, add a file, additional instructions, or links to other sources – all you need to do is look at the summary dashboard of everyone who is onboarding at that moment.

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