Company internal communication

Make internal communications easier for your company: employees can communicate, get news, leave ideas, and track their days off next second they log in.

Company internal communication

Interaction with the team through the main dashboard

The main dashboard is what the employee sees first when they log into their PeopleForce. It can be customized to match the corporate colors. Here you can see the balance of your days-off and send a day-off request in one click. This makes it easier to get in touch with the line manager, you no longer have to wait for him to remind him of your leave. A holiday widget is available so that the team does not miss important employee dates.

News and communication in the team

Are your employees aware of what is happening in the company? Involve all employees in internal communication. Initiate discussions and involve your team in the conversation. PeopleForce automatically displays birthdays, probation ends and anniversaries on a dashboard. People can congratulate each other on important events in their lives, communicate and get to know each other better.

Do you have an idea? Share it with management

Sometimes the best ideas for developing or improving processes in a company come from employees, but the management can easily lost or forgot it. To make sure everyone is heard, PeopleForce has an integrated employee suggestion bank that makes it easy and simple to submit any ideas. Everyone can write their message from the dashboard and send it in one click.

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