Employee directory

All the information, skills, certificates and useful information are now in the employee database. Manage talent and make your workforce process easier.

Employee directory

All employee data one click away

You can now merge all employee data into one database. In the detailed PeopleHR catalog, all data is stored, processed, and supplemented. Contacts, personal information, scanned copies of passports, national and social insurance numbers, paid and unpaid leave balances, job and work history, compensation history, etc. are stored here. You can also see your position in the org chart, line manager, and project team.

Not just another directory

All of the tools for managing your employee directory are available to you for maximum benefit: there's a quick search by filters or information, detailed employee database access settings for different user categories, and support for exporting the entire employee directory in one click (the .cvs format is supported).

The org structure is built automatically

The detailed org structure allows the newcomers and the staff not to get lost and to understand, on occasion, to which department his colleague belongs. In PeopleForce, the company's org structure is generated and updated automatically, depending on the addition of new members. You can control how it is displayed by switching from directory mode to employee tree mode. Scale up and view it in detail. You can also view teams by project here.

Display the skills and talents of colleagues

PeopleForce allows each employee to add a list of skills, and colleagues can vote to rate certain competencies. It comes in handy if you need to find an employee with a certain talent. Now you can track new skills in the company and recognize employees for their talents. In addition, you can add licenses, certificates of advanced training, webinars, seminars, and master classes to PeopleForce.

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