HR calendar

Leave calendars on your phone and desktop reminders behind. HR calendar collects all important dates in one place - and you customize it for yourself and your team.

HR calendar

HR calendar: stay up to date

It happens often that keeping track of holidays, events, and dates becomes a routine that eventually gets less attention. Do you want to celebrate the end of probation, congratulate your colleagues on the first year of work and never forget about birthdays? All this can be automatically followed by the HR calendar – and even more. We have two of them in the system: common for the company and personal.

Calendar for HR managers and the company

Includes vacation, sick leave, probation start and end dates, company holidays, and general national important dates. The list goes on. HR calendar stores all information entered by managers and employees and independently adds important dates from profiles and leave tracking to the screen. All information is stored in one place and provides data in a simple interface, where the dates are separated from each other by colors and icons.

Personal employee calendar

In the “Me” section the employee has his personal calendar with upcoming important dates, meetings, 1-on-1, scheduled interviews, calls, OKRs, etc. Everything he needs to remember is gathered in one place. If the manager adds a meeting or a call, it will appear on the employee’s calendar and notifications.

Mobility and integrations

You can control accesses of the calendar and events all the way down to the departments. Management can view the calendar of their subordinates or all employees, as well as see everything that you decide to include in the calendar. HR calendar is integrated with iOS, Android and Google Calendars, you can receive notifications on your smartphone and keep in touch with everything.

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