Employee case management

Effectively solve organizational or work-related issues with the HR manager, and manage issues, notes, appeals, or complaints from the team. PeopleDesk will help you manage them in the most professional way possible.

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Case management in minutes

Create your case when you need a quick solution

Simply create a case via the hot menu, describe the problem encountered and submit it. This will allow you to resolve problems more efficiently and proactively and collect statistics.

Request delegation

Recognise the responsible employee

The HR manager receives all requests and distributes them to those responsible for resolving the problems. Requests can be classified by categories, which can be established in advance, for the analysis of the occurrences.

Internal communications

Talk to the person who solves the problem

Once someone is assigned to your problem, this person accesses your case and solves it. You simply contact the assigned person through the case window and track the status of your problem.

Cases always on hand

Access to cases in two clicks

Help desk team members can view the cases that have been submitted as well as the cases that have been assigned to them in the My Activity menu. In addition, case statuses are available to track the progress of problem resolution, disputes or suggestions.

Running request statuses

Monitor status changes in the process

You can monitor status changes in My Activities under the Cases page. Change the status of cases assigned to you as you take action. You can also monitor the status changes of the submitted case to see if the problem was solved.

Case management analytics

Analyse the time spent and efficiency of case resolution

The system has an accessible dashboard that shows a breakdown of active and closed cases, the average time to first response and to full resolution of cases, and a breakdown of cases by department and location. This allows you to understand how quickly issues are being solved in the team, and which department or office calls you most often.

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