Time tracking made simple

There is no need to track the same task on multiple systems. Go beyond the usual ways of project management and move to a new teamwork level.

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Working time tracking

HRIS platform with time tracking

PeopleForce organizes all tasks, files and reminders, allowing you to spend less time to work coordination, information search and monitoring a progress.

Productivity control

Track your workforce productivity

The larger the team the more difficult to get a clear understanding of each employee working hours. PeopleForce fixes this problem and helps you keep track of tasks on time. Track the efficiency of working hours and find out how much time they spent on the tasks.

Expense management

Expense management with ease

Monitor all costs and easily add invoices for each project or employee. PeopleForce helps you predict future project costs and evaluate resource efficiency.

Project analytics

Convenient analytics and exporting

Find out who did all task on time or breaks the deadlines, analyze how much time were spent on work per day/week/month. PeopleTime HR reporting will help to improve the effectiveness of your team.

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