Employee engagement survey solution

Collect feedback from your employees through online HR surveys. Measure engagement, know the level of satisfaction and motivation, learn and improve business by analyzing insights.

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Your on-time feedback

Stay in touch with your employees

PeoplePulse will help you get closer to employees, increase their engagement, measure job satisfaction, evaluate efficiency and productivity, and receive feedback about your corporate culture.

eNPS surveys

Boost staff loyalty with eNPS

The employee satisfaction survey will provide feedback and you will see where your company needs improvement and where you succeed. With PeoplePulse easily plan your eNPS surveys and track employee satisfaction over time.

Improving the corporate culture

Create a better place to work

Surveys will help you to see the strengths and weaknesses of the company according to employees. All answers are stored so it’s easy to track the dynamics and monitor trends.

Drivers of engagement

Tracking engagement with questions

Understanding which drivers affect employee engagement allows the manager to prioritize company's development. To assess key drivers, surveys must be administered. With PeoplePulse, it's easy to add different types of questions in minutes on your own and collect responses from any device online.

Flexible automation

Automate survey submissions

Select the time to send a survey invitation to all or only some employees. Choose the frequency of mailing and the number of reminders that will be sent automatically.

Get response rates and filter statistics

Keep your finger on the pulse of the survey

Analyze response rates for all surveys at any time and remind those who haven't complete a survey. Segment resultd by different parametrs like job position, department, location. Plan further activities effectively.

Analyze survey results

Analyze the answers for further strategy

Segment responses by department or position to learn about your successes or problem areas, so you can develop a strategy for growing your company or managing talent within it. Export the reports to PDF or Excel and present the results to top management.

Analyze additional commentaries

Tracking employee opinions

The ability to add comments to each question will help employees better understand the answer choices they have chosen. This is important when analyzing survey results and helps you find new insights. Pay close attention to them in order to track important opinions in time.

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