Leave & paid time off (PTO) tracking

Time to manage absences? System will do everything for you. Set up automatic leave management - and simply organize company's working time.

Leave & paid time off tracking

Stop tracking absence manually

Paid and non-paid leaves spreadsheets? No, please. This outdated solution can lead to errors that will have to be paid for from the company’s budget. In PeopleForce, sheets are not needed: here you customize leave types and policies based on company needs, set the paid and non-paid balances, and select who is responsible for approvals. After that, the system automates accounting and the ability to quickly request and confirm a day off for any employee.

Request a day off at any time

Your employees no longer need to come up and remind you several times that they want to take two days off the day after tomorrow. Everything is taken into account in the system, while the manager can quickly see who has requested a day off or leave – a notification of a new request comes to the personal portal in the system. There is a possibility of confirmation by the line manager or automatic confirmation – everything is flexibly configurable depending on the complexity of your organizational structure.

Keep tracking who's absent today

Do you remember exactly who is absent today, for what reason, and when will he return to work? If you have a large team, keeping everything in mind is unrealistic. But with PeopleForce, this isn’t necessary: information about absences and its reasons are displayed on a visual panel for all employees of the company. No more surprises when working with teams, where everyone has to be in their place on time. PeopleForce also provides an HR Calendar to keep track of absences and other important events.

Simple leave balance view for each of the team

You often had to answer the question: “How many days off do I have left?” From now on, you don’t have to worry about having to check sheets and count it: the system accumulates and updates the leave balance of each employee, including sick leave, annual leave and paid leave. Information is available to each employee on the main dashboard. Any changes after a vacation or weekend is approved are displayed on the dashboard and in reports.

Set up rules and calculate your leaves according to the company policy

PeopleForce provides a flexible leaves management system that is easily customizable to fit company policies and rules. You just need to set the rules for calculating and accounting for leaves once. Employees and managers can submit and approve day-off requests using the PeopleForce mobile app anytime, anywhere.

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