Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Form a single candidates database, easily move them through the selection stages, and give your feedback. You don't need a hundreds of tabs to bring it all together in one recruitment system.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Easy to learn and work together

PeopleRecruit allows you to easily post vacancies, add candidates to the directory and involve other HR managers and specialists in the assessment of potential employees. After communicating with candidates at one of the stages, managers are connected to the assessment of competencies, leaving their opinions and comments on candidate. Together, you can view and evaluate the results of a test task, which is also stored in the system. At the same time, you can control the access of other participants to confidential information of candidates.

Unified candidates directory

All the data for each applicant is now at your fingertips, they can also be shared with other participants in the recruiting process. There is no longer a need to resend resumes to managers several times, anyone can come in and view the required information. Feedback on the candidate is automated too: team has the opportunity to leave it and save it in the system. Resumes, test task results and cover letters can be easily imported and exported, forming an integrated directory of candidates for the future. Access to the database and its configuration are still to your notice.

Recruiting tracking step-by-step

Set the number and types of interviews, assign responsible hiring managers for each stage, and monitor the flow and movement of candidates. The simple and effective Kanban approach, known in the recruiting organization and implemented into the system, will help you with this. Each change in candidate status will generate an email notification to all recruiting members. The status of accepting a job offer can be tracked live, and for priority talents, you will have all the necessary documentation ready to send.

Simple hiring process

Feedback to each candidate is already quite a burden, but it still needs to be done at every stage of hiring. Facilitate further work with candidates and the sending of positive reviews, rejections and job offers. The system will automatically generate and send personalized emails based on the applicant’s data. With PeopleRecruit, all you need to do is upload your feedback template and generate a list of candidates. With the help of tags, you can customize your emails, and the system will do the rest.

Add emotion to the employment process

Speaking of personalized emails, it works great with sending a job offer. Found the right candidate? Congratulations! Send him a welcome letter from the system and watch for acceptance and signing. Set up an offer template that will be generated and sent automatically based on the applicant’s data. PeopleRecruit will help you track the process and notify you about the stages of signing.

You can accept job-offer with eSign

With PeopleSign eSignature technology, your candidates don’t have to search for a printer, print, sign, scan, and mail it back to you if they are far from the office. She or he just needs to sign a job offer on the smartphone screen. And at this time you can transfer all information about the employee to the PeopleHR system and initiate the onboarding process. See how it works here!

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