Candidate screening tests

Test future employees for knowledge or competencies. A good way to evaluate a candidate at any stage of the selection.

Candidate screening tests

Test your candidates before hiring

If you are building a recruitment funnel of the best talent to strengthen your team, you cannot do without screening tests. This testing will help, after the first contact, sort out the most inappropriate candidates in terms of qualifications, understanding of tasks and coincidence in vision and mission of your company. You no longer need to look for additional tools to create short tests. PeopleRecruit includes solutions to help you customize candidate screening based on job vacancy and complexity.

Create tests for different vacancies

PeopleRecruit allows you to create tests, including questions with one or more correct answers, set a time limit for the test, and give points for the correct answer. It’s simple: you choose which screening test to create for the vacancy, or develop a common one for all candidates. Then your person goes through the tasks, the system calculates the points automatically, and you can see the results at any time and understand who made it to the next interview round.

Schedule screenings when it's suitable for your hiring process

To make a decision on hiring a candidate, you need to align the stages of hiring in accordance with the values of the company. If you need a screening test not at the beginning, but at any other stage – for example, after the first interview, you can freely schedule it at a convenient time. The main thing is not to confuse the screening test with the test task. Last one can be added and sent to the candidate separately through the Applicant Tracking System.

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