PeopleForce Prospector

Collect information about candidates and parse resumes through PeopleForce Prospector. The extension will automatically match candidates to open positions on your team.

PeopleForce Prospector extension

Fill the candidates database through the extension

Are you collecting a database of candidates or looking for them for a specific vacancy? Do this automatically, not manually. The Google Chrome extension will pull information from the site you need – parse the data about the candidate, his resume, and add it to the system. You need to install PeopleForce Prospector – and then go find and add talent you want to connect with. All information about the candidate will be added and saved in the Applicant Tracking system – so you never lose anyone’s CV.

Add candidates to opened vacancies

After installation, you need to log into PeopleForce Prospector with the PeopleRecruit account – and then go view the profiles. The extension synchronizes information about a candidate with available vacancies, but you can add him to any vacancy in the system. If the candidate has already been added by you or your colleagues through the job search site, the system will check the source or data – and display the information on the screen to avoid duplicates.

Parsing from popular job sites

So which sites are already integrated? Candidate data is automatically added from popular search sources as LinkedIn, Djinni, DOU, GitHub, Work ua, HeadHunter (grc ua), Rabota ua. The system will parse the name, email, photo, source, in some cases a phone number too if it’s available, as well as skills. If you want to add a candidate through an extension, but the integration on the site is not configured, drag the resume file to the PeopleForce Prospector window. The information will be recognized and saved.

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