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HR calendar for HR management

HR Calendar: never miss a date

HR professionals are dealing with many day-to-day personnel challenges, and so keeping track of employee and company dates becomes a mundane, monotonous task, essential to the business but distracting from more important activity.

There are many dates to consider; leave dates, sick dates, probation period start-end dates, probation evaluation, appraisals, performance reviews. The list goes on.

As your organisation grows, it becomes critical to manage this information as efficiently as possible. PeopleForce delivers just that. Our all-in-one functionality, stores and organises date information, keeping you notified of impending critical dates and providing all employee and company dates through one easy-to-use interface.

5 types of leave, birthdays, employment anniversaries, company anniversaries and all the events you register are now one click away. Each event type has its own color, so you can spot them at a glance.
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Take control of visibility

Not all employee data should be available to everyone. Each company has its own privacy rules and our job is to provide a flexible solution for your needs.

Granular permission control is what makes PeopleForce unique. You control visibility of the calendar and events down to departments and managerial level.

Management can see calendar for Direct Reports or All Employees or whatever you decide to include in calendar view.

HR calendar for HR management
HR calendar for HR management

Your calendar your view

Prefer list view over calendar? No problem. We’ve got your preference. Just switch to “List view” and see all deadlines and events sorted by date.

Calendar is integrated with iOS, Android and Google Calendars, so you get instant notifications on your mobile.

No more last minute bustle and scattered reminders in a bunch of applications and files.

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HR system right under your fingertips

PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with online version and provides flexibility of HR processes on the go.

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