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33 Ukrainian services to support your business

33 Ukrainian services to support your business
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33 Ukrainian services to support your business

PeopleForce team

If we look for positives when talking about the war in Ukraine, we need to talk about unity. The Ukrainian people have united as never before around the idea of reviving all spheres of the Ukrainian environment, from culture to business. Why not pay attention to Ukrainian companies and services that are not just full-fledged and unique alternatives to well-known products, but partially or fully free?

Ukrainian business supports the Ukrainian business! Let's get acquainted with the services, which are located in Ukraine or have a Ukrainian origin and which will help you and your employees in various work situations.

To run a business

The service helps Ukrainian companies affected by the war to set up purchasing processes and find suppliers to resume business activities. Participation is free of charge, and the team is available to answer all questions.

Ukrainian company YouControl has created a tool to check counterparties for hidden Russian and Belarusian assets. Protect your business from cooperation with the enemy.

Provides free access to the PeopleForce HRM system to charitable organizations and foundations. We encourage everyone who is involved in volunteer or community organizations, donor centers and hospitals that help the military and displaced people to contact us for access to the PeopleForce HRM system.

The online fintech bank has made it easier for Ukrainians, especially those in Poland and other EU countries, to get their credit cards.

The international money transfer system, which has a development office in Ukraine, has canceled the commissions for transfers in hryvnias for Ukrainians. Pay compensation to your employees in a convenient format.

An international platform created to help mobilized Ukrainian developers. UTC helps find volunteer developers from all over the world who will agree to take the vacancy of their Ukrainian counterpart and work remotely for him during hostilities. This initiative is intended to support both the Ukrainian economy and the IT sphere as a whole, as well as developer families financially.

Kyivstar has created an electronic document management platform that helps businesses create, discuss and electronically sign documents quickly and conveniently. The platform operates on a royalty-free basis for Ukrainian companies, all they need to do is register on the platform and have a QES to conduct transactions.

The Ukrainian CRM system offers companies to get a free plan for the entire duration of the war +1 month after Ukraine wins. To do so, contact [email protected], briefly describe what your business does, and provide any evidence that your business is actually from Ukraine.

Internet Marketing Academy allows you to master free training on email marketing, YouTube management, web analytics, chat-bot management, banding, setting up contextual advertising, etc. Note: the courses, unfortunately, are only available in Russian.

Opportunity to receive 2,000 euros for the reconstruction and adaptation of micro and small businesses during the war. It is necessary to fill out the form and keep in mind that funds can only be spent on certain items of expenditure.

Are you or your company involved in an initiative or directly related to building websites for refugee support, information warfare portals or assistance to the Ukrainian Army? This website and landing page builder platform will give you free access to its maximum rate.

Speaking of initiatives. PeopleForce provides free access to the system to charitable organizations and foundations. If you are involved in, or know of, similar organizations and they may need to automate employee management processes and make it easier to work in times of war, please contact us at: [email protected]. To learn more about which companies can benefit from our charitable initiative, read this article.

For training and professional development

Online platform for training winners - this is how the service is positioning itself, which offers Ukrainians courses on copywriting, Internet marketing, programming, etc. In total there are more than 20 courses on the platform, some of them are still free.

Projector Institute has set up a separate area providing access to 12 video courses in philosophy, sociology, art history, literature, design, etc. If your business or team development involves these areas, don't miss the opportunity to view the courses freely during the war and one month afterwards.

IT company provides the opportunity to master a digital profession online for everyone who wants to. Choose one of the four areas: SEO & Linkbuilding, SMM and targeting, Customer Care: Support&Sales or freelancing on the Fiverr platform. Fill out the form and start learning.

Free access to subscribe to courses until August 1. And there are many courses here, all of them current, modern, and about design, motion design, or UI/UX design.

The Powercode course library provides free access to its courses - for frontenders and testers. There are a total of 4 full-fledged courses.

More than 230 video courses in programming and information technology for developers, product managers and anyone involved in product development are available at 50% off during the war.

Educational video lessons for entrepreneurs and startups. There are also courses for digital professionals and courses on digital security and literacy.

A video course on project management in IT is available to everyone. If you wish, you can make a donation to the Ukrainian Army as a voluntary payment.

To access the professional literature

Download the app and get the opportunity to read eBooks for free.

An indefinite discount on books for developing and mastering new skills. The list includes creative professions, particularly books for animation and design professionals.

For freelance and remote work

The online learning platform has opened free access for Ukrainians to its own courses on content management, HR, SMM, PPC, SEO and other professions. There is even a mastery of TikTok for entrepreneurs. A great opportunity for those who want to completely switch to a remote work format.

If you've long wanted to understand how to make money on the Upwork platform, you now have a free Upwork literacy course.

To study languages

The platform offers a wide range of free courses in general, but you should note a large variety of courses in business English. There are seven such free programs here.

Service for individual training with a teacher offers free access for a year with promo code #StandWithUkraine.

Have your employees gone abroad and are looking for language learning opportunities? The platform will help them find a volunteer tutor. Also, if your business is related to teaching, know that Preply has canceled the commission for tutors from Ukraine.

Are you suggesting that all businesses can easily and simply switch to Ukrainian? Moreover, immediately build communication with their clients and subscribers competently and correctly? No, they don't. But we all know that it's never too late to learn Ukrainian. Choose a free language course from an educational public platform, the site has different programs from A1 level for Russian speakers.

A selection of online materials and links for studying and improving the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

For team development and health care

Ukrainians are offered free individual training programs in various sports.

If your mental health inquiry is war-related, contact a psychologist for an online consultation. No fee for Ukrainians.

Support Ukrainian - a small service that will help you write without mistakes, and send the money to the Ukrainian defenders.

Support your employees' clear citizenship and help them develop comprehensively. The online university contains dozens of courses, from cultural to economic education.

And don't forget about the useful selection of remarkable and diverse Ukrainian companies and services that now need the support of the world and international recognition – Spend with Ukraine. Let's help each other - see if you can find future partners here.

The list will surely be expanded if Ukrainian businesses start investing more actively in our victory. If you are a Ukrainian entrepreneur and reading this article, think not only about charitable donations, but also about contributing to society. Support Ukrainians and Ukrainian businesses by offering your initiative, a discount or access to your own services and products. Glory to Ukraine!

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