“We see more and more companies looking to transform their processes quickly and efficiently” - Anastasia Yefimenko for CyberNews

August 11, 2022

Anastasia Yefimenko, COO PeopleForce, spoke in her interview to CyberNews online IT portal about how the perception of HR and HR Tech is changing in today's world and why in 2022 it may still be important for startups in these areas to believe that the trend of automation is a long-formed necessity.

‘As a company that in 2019 proved the potential of the HR Tech sphere not only in Ukraine, but also in the world market, PeopleForce went through all stages of work with a modern client. Since each company has certain established processes in place, sometimes it can be difficult to understand that all of this can and should be automated in a few days. Moreover, customers who come to us for the first time are often surprised at how much functionality modern solutions could have’, says Anastasia.

‘Automation reduces the amount of time spent on a single task, so the processes themselves become faster and clearer. There is another concern: companies often believe that modern solutions are not responsive to customer needs and questions. The truth is that listening to your customers and adapting your functionality to them is the first priority today. That's why we hope that more and more people will get acquainted with user-friendly HRM solutions for recruiting and business, for a better understanding that customer service and experience come first’.

We also talked about how the war had an impact on us as a company and on the HR Tech field in Ukraine in general. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have tried not only to save the business, but also to bring it to the Western market. Here, the Western trends of minimalism, simplicity, responsive service, customer experience, and flexibility are just as evident. The world is changing towards remote work also, but at the same time, all the companies need to keep their teams together, monitor efficiency, and keep track of projects. That is why there is real growth in HRM/HRIS services going on.

‘All of this we implement in our system in order to broadcast European experience. On the one hand, PeopleForce already proves that the Ukrainian company competes with its foreign counterparts. On the other hand, our clients see that the tools are developing and help them to adjust their companies to modern times. This is our great advantage’, says Anastasia.

Read here about what trends the HR sphere is going to face in the near future, how the field of talent search and the creative side of talent management will change, as well as more details about PeopleForce.

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