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New badges and recognition: PeopleForce has received 156 awards in the HR tech field

Inside PeopleForce timer icon2024-05-16

New badges and recognition: PeopleForce has received 156 awards in the HR tech field

PeopleForce team

We continue to collect awards for each new season. PeopleForce is growing, which means it receives twice as much recognition! After excellent performance in winter, we have collected 156 new awards in various categories in the HR field this spring, especially for our customer support and product development.

This time we were recognized in the CoreHR and ATS categories as:

πŸ› οΈ Most Implementable (for the highest implementation rate in its category)

🀝 Best Relationship (for the highest measure of good relationships with users in its category)

πŸ† High Performer Europe 

πŸ†— Easiest Setup 

πŸ” Best Support

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Users Most-Likely-To-Recommend

It is worth noting that in the High Performer category, PeopleForce also received an award as the best HR platform in the following areas:

  • HR Analytics
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • ATS Systems

Why do clients choose PeopleForce

We have analyzed all the feedback that PeopleForce has received recently and noticed some interesting trends. Here's why they choose us πŸ‘€


Sending greetings to our developers, product managers, customer support team, and other team members - you are the best at what you do, and this is confirmed in practice. The G2 website is updated daily with new reviews about PeopleForce company, currently our rating is 4.8 out of 5 based on 126 reviews from clients. Excellent result!

You can also contribute to this process and leave your feedback about the system and relationships with us if you are using our platform and have something to share.

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Thank you to all users who share their experience and help us evolve with each new season. It is gratifying to see that international recognition of the platform translates into tangible results. We always keep you informed of all the latest developments in the system on our product blog - subscribe to the monthly update newsletter to be the first to test new features and improvements.

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