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PeopleForce joins the portfolio of the Pracuj Ventures fund

PeopleForce joins the portfolio of the Pracuj Ventures fund
Inside PeopleForce timer icon2022-05-10

PeopleForce joins the portfolio of the Pracuj Ventures fund

PeopleForce team

We are excited to announce that PeopleForce has just closed a new round of investment with the Polish venture fund Pracuj Ventures.

Pracuj Ventures is the first corporate innovation fund in Poland and one of the first in the CEE region, which focuses on investing in HR Tech and EDU Tech areas. The mission of the fund is to support innovative and scalable projects operating on the digital HR market. 40 thousand clients from 40 countries have been actively using the company’s products and services. Grupa Pracuj is the owner of the most recognized recruitment brands: Pracuj.pl in Poland and Rabota.ua in Ukraine.

According to Pracuj Ventures, the CEE region has a large potential for adopting the solution offered by PeopleForce, i.e. a comprehensive, yet simple and intuitive HR suite for medium-sized organisations.

" There is an overwhelming number of HR tools that are solving different areas of businesses today, however integrating these solutions together, creating a unified employee experience and dealing with multiple vendors is a pain. PeopleForce wants to be a kind of hub for HR. Due to the variety of our products, we provide our customers with everything they need in one solution. We support areas such as recruitment, employee engagement, employee evaluation ." – points out Andrew Cetinic, CEO of PeopleForce.

I chose Pracuj Ventures as our investor due to the fund's position, excellent knowledge both of the HR Tech area and the markets on which we plan to develop in the future. I’ve already noticed the potential for collaboration during our first discussions on product and market orientation. The shared vision and the Fund's readiness to support us in entering new markets make it a strategic partnership for us ” - adds Andrew Cetinic, CEO of PeopleForce.

" We are looking for companies that offer tools which are proven by clients and have the potential to scale. PeopleForce is also experiencing high growth dynamics and was looking for a partner that would help it develop in other markets, including Poland " – comments Mykola Mykhaylov, Investment Director of the fund.

As we look towards the future and our new investments, we have to implement some major changes to business processes and continue on:

  • Enter new markets to expand our customers geo and provide a localised experience for customers in Europe

  • Releasing exciting features that will take HRM to the whole new level by truly automating every step of HR workflow.

  • Expand team to scale up the team across different regions and continue creating an inspiring culture in the company.

  • Develop the HR market by expanding our community, sharing HR best practices and industry leaders experience.

Moreover, as a Ukrainian company, we can’t ignore the situation in our country, so we are devastated about what's happening right now. Alongside our growth and expansion into the West, we will be supporting Ukrainian customers and non-government charity organisations.  PeopleForce deeply understands how important it is to optimise all processes, having a massive goal to help and support businesses where appropriate.

PeopleForce is the ninth company in the Pracuj Ventures portfolio, along with Gamfi, Gymsteer, Inhire.io, Kadromierz, SeniorAPP, Sherlock Waste, Wandlee and Worksmile.

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