Electronic signature

Save time, save trees, save money

Signing paper documents looks a bit of old age and creates tons of complexities in hiring process. Candidate needs to have printer somewhere around, needs to print job offer and sign it, then scan and e-mail back. Would you have time for all that routine? Neither does candidate.

PeopleForce streamlines even this process. With PeopleSign technology, an electronic signature for HRM, candidates can sign job offers right on the screens of their mobile phones and you get their acceptance in just a second.

Signing documents on the go

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Where does employee branding start?

New hire’s first touch point with your company is onboarding process and signing all the documents. Make this impression last and build strong employee branding in every details.

Streamlined processes, eco-friendly and digitalized routines will definitely be noticed and appreciated. IT people love that.

What about the costs?

No additional costs, only cutting costs. Electronic signatures reduce papework, reduce waste of office resources, cut off HR officers’ time, spent on routine work.

PeopleSign reduces your company’s operational costs. Spend resources on what’s really important, leave routine to us.

Get instant updates

You’ll get notification on your email and mobile app each time candidate or employee signs necessary documents.

Keep abreast of hiring and signing processes with minimal effort. Electronic signature for HRM makes it so much easier.

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