All-in-one Solution
to drive your business forward
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Centralize all information in one place giving transparency inside the company
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Onboarding Workflows HRIS Software Employee Directory Internal Communication Leave & Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking HR Calendar
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Applicant Tracking System that helps HR and recruiters find the best talents faster
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Applicant Tracking System Employment Screening Tests Electronic signature PeopleForce Prospector Integration with job search sites
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Create scheduled surveys to monitor and analyze employee engagement and satisfaction
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Employee Net Promoter Score Reporting
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Track time against projects and report on where time is spent faster
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Time Tracking Project Management Integrations Expense Management
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Oversee efficiency and track progress with OKRs, 1-on-1, 360-degree feedbacks in one place
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HR Ambassador PeopleForce
Designed with every team member in mind
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For HR and Recruiting
Streamline your HR processes and simplify your recruitment procedures with PeopleForce. Use a single cloud system for all your employee, candidates profiles and HR processes. No more spreadsheets and countless software - all you need in one place
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For Managers and
Get always up-to-date data and monitor performance of the company in a real-time. PeopleForce ensures uninterrupted and reliable delivery, which can be used from any part of the world.
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For Teams and
Get to know who is going to be out of office for the next few days, be aware of upcoming events, send your ideas and feedbacks, keep track of goals completions and easily request time-offs.
Get more productive and lead your team to success
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Employee directory at PeopleForce is a hub, where all employee information is stored and processed. Contact data, personal information, paid and non-paid leave balances, job history, projects engaged, timesheets, compensation history, and many more.
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Useful Integrations for a single HR ecosystem
PeopleForce makes your work more productive by integrating with the systems you already use:, LinkedIn, Google Apps, Telegram, Trello, and more.
Useful Integrations for a single HR ecosystem
Why choose PeopleForce?
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for your employees
Each employee can see the directory of team members, calendar with upcoming events, OKRs, goals and in one click request sick leave or vacation
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Find the best talents much faster by parsing resumes, outreach and testing automation. See all the interviewers’ feedback, rating, contact details of each candidate in one place
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Flexible leave
No more spreadsheets, customize your leave types, leave balance calculation and fully automate leave request and approval system
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and surveys
Know your employee engagement and satisfaction level and discover key drivers of your success to make data-driven decisions
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HR Reporting
and Analytics
Get actionable insight into every facet of your HR process. PeopleForce makes it easy to create quick, custom, and precise reports
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signature (eSign)
With PeopleSign technology, candidates can sign job offers right on the screens of their mobile phones
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Easily set up Performance review schedule, monitor progress, and benefit from 1-on1, 360-degree feedback evaluation methods
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Collaborate on goals, benefit from flexible access rights, create hiring teams. Collaborators can comment, rate and review answers to keep track of each team member
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Mobile App
& Telegram bot
PeopleForce Android and iOS apps are fully integrated with the online version and provide you with freedom of managing HR on the go
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Are you ready?
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