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We wholeheartedly strive to improve HR and recruiting through
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What you can write about

You can send ready-made articles or discuss with us the topic of your desired article in the areas of HR, HR management, talent management, recruiting, employee performance management, team involvement and potential, onboarding and adaptation, employee evaluation, etc.

Attention! To the authors who wish to send us a ready-made article: Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to accept and publish an article, if it does not fit the blog format, or if its content does not disclose its topic.

Our ideal author

We aim to collaborate with HR experts who can back up their knowledge with experience and professionals who would like to unlock their writing potential.

Attention! If you have any experience, an interesting case study, and you would like to share it, but you’re not confident in your writing skills, please just contact us. We can help you to shape the structure of your article, edit the content, and create a story that appeals to readers. 

Peopleforce content requirements
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What do you get from this cooperation?
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Author’s column on the
PeopleForce blog and promos on our resources and media1"
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Wide audience of readers from more than 10 countries2
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Opportunity to participate in PeopleForce podcasts and webinars3
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Recognition of the large Russian-speaking HR-community4
Content approval process
Contact us by filling out the form below and send us your idea for content. Attach links to previous publications or materials to support your submission. If there are none, please attach a link to your social media profile.
Wait 14 business days to hear back from our editors about their willingness to accept the proposed topic or offer to improve the topic. Discuss and approve the topic with the editor, who will also send you the content requirements.
Begin writing the article according to the PeopleForce requirements.
Submit your article in Google Docs format for moderation, along with your proposed illustrations, your photo with at least 600x600px resolution, and a short biography of the author (up to 200 characters).
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