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Unified HRIS software systems for an effective employee management. Store data, generate reports, and customize employee and team access to get company information.
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1001 instruments in a unique HRIS system

The Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS) PeopleForce stores all employee information in a single cloud system. This is a whole world of tools, functions and solutions for the company that you actually will never find in any other system. These are not just personal cards with information, but full-fledged databases of employees and candidates, with access settings and integrations with popular messengers like Slack. Our main message is no routine, you have important work on you, and all the sheets, calculations and reporting are on the system..

Data at your fingertips

Feel like a cool IT company that always has access to service and information. All your data is uploaded to the cloud, and our support is available at working hours. You can easily log into the system from anywhere in the world, this is the ideal solution for international teams.

The system automatically generates reports, and the data is updated systematically, so you can be sure of the relevance. Down with a hundred folders with files on the desktop and a heap of papers on the table.

Want to see for yourself?

Register for a demo session and we will show you all the possibilities of automation of onboarding and offboarding processes and all the other functions of PeopleForce.

Knowledge base and document storage

Documentation, files of departments, statements, contracts and any other necessary text, graphic or video information – store it all here in the knowledge base. Any employee will be able to independently find the necessary information in the database. Access, of course, is configured for a department or a specific employee / position. PeopleForce HRIS allows you to create categories and knowledge base items, and then just link documents to make access a bit easier.

Analytics and reporting for every taste

The system not only collects and stores data about employees and their work, but also automatically creates reports that can be viewed, exported and presented at any time – for example, at a general meeting where you need to back up words with numbers. PeopleForce provides you with variety of flexible reporting options, including, but not limited to:
  • Age Profile
  • Gender Profile
  • Capacity
  • Employment Status History
  • Job History
  • Salary History
  • Leave Balances
  • Headcount and Turnover reports
  • Performance eNPS reports
  • Timesheet reporting

You can easily export all the data in Excel or .csv format. See Reporting page for more details on reporting features by PeopleForce HRM.

Fine-tuning data access

We understand the importance of confidentiality and have made it a PeopleForce priority. The system allows you to control access to personal data. You define the roles of employees, and bind the level of access to each role. Do you require a higher level of self-service, allowing employees to edit their own data or perhaps your company has stricter policies? Adjust all roles and their permissions to your company structure and policies in simple clicks. So that’s it!

Expense report on the go
The PeopleForce
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