Time Tracking

This attendance management software will remind the staff about filling out the timesheets. Set up reminders, approve and reject timesheets in one click.
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Time is Money

especially that spent on time tracking

Spend less time on tracking and more time on doing really important things. Most IT and tech companies pay and track their employees work on an hourly basis. If you’re using a remote workforce or have flexible scheduling, then you also need to track hours.

Sometimes counting these hours and entering into to sheets takes significant time. Hours that you could have spent on strategic goals and actually working with people, instead of counting these hours.

PeopleForce is here to assist with the routine tasks and free you up to spend time on more important work.

Not a Single Timesheet Forgotten

No more waiting or emailing employees to get timesheets sent on time. You set at what day and hour timesheets should be submitted to managers and PeopleForce handles it all in a breeze.

Custom Timesheet alert reminders will make sure that your employees don’t forget to fill in and submit their timesheet on time.

Timesheets Approval? Done!

Once you get timesheets completed, employees send them for approval to their reporting managers. All done in a click!

Now timesheets are pending for approval. You will also receive an email notification. All you have to do is approve timesheets in another click and spend your precious hours on what really matters.

Sync with Project Management

All timesheets are linked to projects and reported to project managers too. You can add as many projects as you have and each project can have its tasks. Eventually you can track each employee’s progress and work time against each task.

No more mess in files and overflow of e-mails with interviewers’ opinions.

Request free trial to see how it works.


Easy Reporting

All timesheets are aggregated for reporting by any parameters. Do you need reporting time either by projects or by employees – we have it all.

You can get how many hours were spent on each project one by one or in a bulk. Or may be you need to know how much time employees spent on a certain projects individually? Or a group of employees for a single project?

Play with data and tailor reporting to your needs. You have all flexibility to generate any type of report for any time period.

Easy Exporting

Need to do more complex analytics of timesheet log or report it to management outside of HR Management system? No problem!

Just select all timesheets you need to work with and export them in Excel file in a click. Download will start automatically.

We take care of the routine, remember?

Track your time right on mobile
Tracking time and timesheet log in a breeze with PeopleForce mobile application anytime anywhere.
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