Internal Communication

Personal Dashboard

Internal Communication Dashboard is what you see first, when you login to your PeopleForce. Know what’s happening in the company, who’s in and who’s out. All employees will see their balances of paid and non-paid leave balances. No more calling HR to calculate “How many hours I have left in the POT this month?”

Managers can see approval requests from subordinates and approve or decline them in a click.

HR staff can track employees with upcoming probation period-end and never miss initiating a probation performance review.

What’s even more exciting – you set who can see which fields and data in the Dashboard.

It’s all about humans

Do your employees know each other? Are they aware of your company’s news and updates? PeopleForce is not only about automation, but also about reinforcing better human-to-human relationship. Envolve all employees on the internal communication, share company news and initiate discussions.

PeopleForce will automatically display birthdays and work anniversaries on internal dashboard for everyone. People can tag each other in a twitter-style feed and keep conversations going.

At the end of the day, what makes us fell comfortable at our workplace? Certainly, the people we work with and the relationships that we develop have a huge impact on our happiness at work.

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