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Introducing new integration: PeopleForce and Djinni team up to make recruitment more efficient

Introducing new integration: PeopleForce and Djinni team up to make recruitment more efficient
timer icon2024-05-13

Introducing new integration: PeopleForce and Djinni team up to make recruitment more efficient

PeopleForce team

Welcome to the platform's full integration with Ukraine's largest tech job marketplace, Djinni! We're pleased to announce that PeopleForce is the first HRM to integrate with Djinni. 

Being the leading HR platform in the tech sector, PeopleForce values the opportunity to partner with Djinni as a top provider for sourcing technical talent in the market. Together, our platforms will form a comprehensive solution for HR professionals and recruiters.


Why Djinni integration matters

  • Efficiency through automation: The integration streamlines processes by automating the publication of vacancies and syncing candidate data from Djinni to PeopleForce, significantly reducing recruiters' manual workload.
  • Multiple account support for recruiting agencies: PeopleForce supports multiple employer accounts, providing help for the recruiting agencies working with various employers and facilitating seamless integration across all accounts.
  • Choose an all-in-one HR and recruitment solution: With ongoing efforts to become a one-stop shop for HR and recruitment needs, PeopleForce, through its Djinni integration, enables recruiters to efficiently manage all recruitment tasks within one platform, from vacancy creation to candidate hiring.

How does new integration work

To integrate, go to the Integration page in PeopleForce settings, find Djinni, and click "Install" to connect your Djinni website account via API key. To get your API key, please email [email protected].


Then, you can post your vacancies to Djinni. Simply go to Recruiting, select the desired vacancy, and in the Integration tab, find Djinni and fill in as many fields as you need:

  • Full name
  • Photo
  • Email
  • Desired salary (in $)
  • Current location
  • Language
  • Phone
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Gender
  • Github/LinkedIn/Portfolio links



After posting a job vacancy and confirming it by Djinni, you will receive responses from candidates directly into PeopleForce. The system synchronizes them with all the data in the job vacancy pipeline. 


If a recruiter independently finds a candidate on Djinni and they exchange contacts, it is not considered as a response to the vacancy and does not automatically enter the system.

Note: As part of the integration, PeopleForce may share certain information with Djinni, such as hired candidate data, ensuring a seamless recruitment process and enhancing collaboration between the two platforms.

We'll be rolling out this integration to our customers and will be here to manage your requests to try it out.
For those eagerly awaiting this super opportunity, we invite you to delve into the nuances of the integration in our knowledge base. If you have any questions regarding the integration, please contact your manager.

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