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November updates 2019

November updates 2019
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November updates 2019

PeopleForce team

The PeopleForce team has been working daily to improve the platform so that you can automate everything you automate and deal with more global, strategic things. Let's take a look at what we've been able to optimise and what new features have emerged. Meet the PeopleForce updates for November!

New update to the PeopleRecruit module

Customize and add more types of questions to the candidate evaluation list after the interview. This list can be created by yourself, fixed as a template and filled in for each candidate. You can also add comments, a single answer or multiple answer choices in addition to the assessment scale for easy retention of feedback. This will help you remember exactly what it was that attracted you to the candidate, what their value to the company is, what positions they could potentially be suitable for in the future, if there are no relevant openings yet.

  • Add several annexes to the candidate card for additional information, e.g. certificates, cover letter, etc.

New in the PeopleHR module

The main PeopleForce updates relate to holidays.

  • Approve leave requests not through one person, but through n number. This is important if the company has a complex hierarchical structure and you need to hear the agreement of the director, department head and HR person when approving a long holiday.

It works like this:

  • The employee wants to go on leave and submits a request to the HR system.
  • Decisions are made by, for example, 3 higher-ranking colleagues. Each of them receives a notification that such-and-such an employee has applied for leave. And all three must choose one of two actions - approve or deny the request.
  • If 2 or 3 of the 3 colleagues agree, the employee is notified that their request has been accepted and they can prepare for their holiday.
  • Motivate the employee to attach attachments to their request for sick leave, work from home or holiday. For example, this can be a doctor's note or an explanatory note. This is important for reporting and calculating future company dynamics.
  • Fix a leave of absence for a few hours on any given day in our HRM system too. This is important in case of force majeure, when you need to be away from work in the afternoon or in the morning for personal reasons.

New in the PeoplePulse module

We have released PeoplePulse version 2.0 and updated the surveys.

  • Now, apart from the template with 1 question type, you can create your own surveys and find out your understanding of the strategy, relations between colleagues, employees and managers, what and why you like and dislike about the corporate culture and working conditions. There is no limit to the number and scope of such surveys.
  • Try to add new types of questions - single-answer, multiple-choice, open-ended.
  • Set a specific time to send each survey on a pre-defined schedule.
  • Edit the default drivers and only use those that are relevant to your company.
  • Upload your collected stats in a convenient PDF format.
  • With these implementations, surveys become your tool for complete HR analysis.

What is the team working on now and what PeopleForce updates can you expect in the next couple of months?

The main PeopleForce updates for December will be in two modules - PeopleRecruit and PeopleHR. PeopleHR will feature a calculator that will allow employees to see their number of holiday days in the future. For example, the software will not only automatically calculate holiday days each month, but after selecting a particular period of time off, it will recalculate and show the balance for each employee. This prevents confusion about who has time off and when, and how many days off a colleague can take a year at company expense, if summer is still half a year away.

PeopleRecruit will have integration with Work.ua. Now all applications which are received from this resource and other analytics will be gathered in one place, in PeopleRecruit. This will make it easier to generate reports and track the effectiveness of working with the resource.

The team will also release a PeopleRecruit application. The content of the module will remain, as will all the parameters and structure, but now the hiring process can be controlled from a phone anywhere, even on a weak internet connection.

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