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PeopleForce is launching a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms

PeopleForce is launching a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms
timer icon2023-07-04

PeopleForce is launching a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms

PeopleForce team

To make the experience of your employees and managers even more positive and seamless, we are introducing a mobile application that allows you to stay connected with your team, managers, and subordinates quickly and conveniently throughout the day.

The application is currently available for iOS and Android devices. You can find and download it from the App Store and Google Play.

We look forward to your feedback on the application and will gladly use it for further platform development. Please note that this is the initial version of the application, and it will be enhanced with new features in the future. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding the PeopleForce Mobile App, please contact us via email or contact our experts at the Help Center.

Why would you need the PeopleForce Mobile App?


The PeopleForce application will be a valuable addition to your experience with the HR platform. If you already use the PeopleForce platform's modules, the mobile application will enhance your usage and become an indispensable tool in daily operations. Just imagine staying connected with your team and having all the essential functions at your fingertips.

Stay updated on what's new within your company, who is absent today, and quickly request time off. In the morning, you can simply open the application and find out what awaits you for the day.


Leave requests and leave balance

If you wish to request time off in the morning quickly, accessing the platform separately is unnecessary. Grab your smartphone, open the application, and check your available leave balance. You can send a leave request directly from the application, selecting the dates and providing the reason if necessary. Your manager will receive the push notification with the request and can approve or reject it within minutes.

You can view information about absent colleagues on a convenient widget by clicking on it. There you can find detailed information about why the employee is absent and for how long.


Company news feed

Communication with your team reaches a new level as now everyone can access the platform's shared updates conveniently from their smartphones. Browse through the latest company news, expand and read them in full format, and stay informed about what's happening within the team. You can find out about holidays, significant events for the day, upcoming vacations, and more.


Current task list

All your ongoing todos are synchronized with the mobile app from the platform. You will receive notifications for new tasks and can see who assigned them to you. You can also mark tasks as completed directly from the app.

Please be aware that certain tasks may require you to use the full version of the HR platform, which will open in your browser. However, we continually improve the mobile app's experience and functionality to ensure a smoother interaction.


Authentication via Google or Microsoft Sign In

To provide a secure and convenient login method, you can authenticate within the app using Google or Microsoft login tools if your team utilizes these environments and the corresponding integration is set up in your company.

Select the relevant login option on the app's initial screen to authenticate and enter your login credentials. You will be automatically logged into the platform.


Advantages of the PeopleForce Mobile App

  • Reliability: The app is protected by two-factor authentication, ensuring the security of your data.
  • Accessibility: Basic inquiries can be quickly addressed from your smartphone without opening your laptop/computer.
  • Self-service: Employees can use the app to submit requests, access information, and view todos lists.
  • Employee-Manager communication: Employees can send requests, which managers receive instantly for review.
  • Convenience: The app is an additional convenient tool for your everyday use of PeopleForce.

For a comprehensive article on using the mobile app, refer to the PeopleForce Library. Stay connected with us to learn more about new release updates.

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