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PeopleForce new features release: may, 2019

PeopleForce new features release: may, 2019
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PeopleForce new features release: may, 2019

PeopleForce team

PeopleForce delivers the best result and flexibility in HR and recruiting management processes to make daily work of our clients even more comfortable and routine free. In May 2019 PeopleForce introduced powerful features of company asset management, recruitment interviews automation and scorecards for recruiting.

Company asset management allows keeping an inventory of all assets, like equipment, furniture, etc. the company has, and assign them to employees. Each asset registered in PeopleForce database has its own identification code, which you can print and stick to the physical asset. Now during onboarding and offboarding you’ll have a clear understanding of which assets were used by a particular employee. PeopleForce also keeps a full history of assets, possessed by employees. You can access and export it to .csv format at any time.

Recruitment interviews automation is designed to integrate with your Google Calendar. Each time you create an interview with candidate and hiring team, automatic interview invite will be sent to hiring team members. Once they accept calendar invitation, the interview will be displayed in their Calendars and they’ll be reminded not to miss it.

Recruiting Scorecards is a powerful tool to get a quantitive comparison of candidates and improve the decision-making process in hiring. Now each of your hiring team members can leave not only written feedback but also make a quantitive assessment of a candidate according to a range of criteria. You, as admin of PeopleForce, can create an unlimited number of scorecards with their own descriptions and values and assign those scorecards to vacancies. When hiring team fills in their assessments of candidates according to scorecards, you’ll receive a detailed overview and will be able to make the informed hiring decision.

Plan your PeopleForce test period before the new year, check out our past updates on the blog, and keep an eye out for new releases in the PeopleForce Library.

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