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Document folder permissions, triggering workflows within a workflow, copying forms and more

Document folder permissions, triggering workflows within a workflow, copying forms and more
timer icon2023-09-11

Document folder permissions, triggering workflows within a workflow, copying forms and more

PeopleForce team

Experience a wave of powerful updates this September! Our platform now offers streamlined workflows, precise document management with role-based folder permissions, and enriched tasks with embedded videos. And that's not all! Get ready to supercharge your productivity with these new features!🚀🌟

Added permission for document folders

Control document folder access with precision! Enhance your document management with role-based permissions across document folders. This feature allows you to granularly regulate access to documents for roles across your company, providing greater efficiency, strengthened data security, and seamless collaboration.


Ability to trigger workflows within another workflow

This is a much-requested feature for more complex workflows where you would like to split workflows into a shared workflow that multiple workflows can trigger.

⚠️ Explore our PeopleForce knowledge base to unlock the full potential of streamlined automation in your workflows.


Enable video functionality for workflow tasks

Now, you can embed videos into your workflow tasks to allow richer employee content during onboarding processes or other tasks.


Previewing of preboarding forms

You can now preview preboarding forms whilst editing them so you can see what the employee preboarding experience will be like before publishing it for your employees.


Other notable updates to the platform

  • Ability to duplicate forms

This convenient feature enables replicating existing forms, simplifying your form creation process and saving you valuable time.

  • Whos out widget display of working leave type policies

Customise your Who’s out today widget by displaying working leave type requests. Whether it's remote work or business trips, you have the flexibility to activate this feature in Settings, ensuring your team stays well-informed about employee leave requests, just the way you like it.

  • Support for empty values for checkbox field types

The checkbox field type has been updated to a dropdown list control instead with options for "No," "Yes," and "None". This provides the flexibility to select an empty value, which can be searchable in filters where this field does not have a value.

  • Settings search

Easily find what you are looking for in settings by using the search bar to query the exact setting you want to navigate.

⚠️ Please refer to the PeopleForce knowledge base for a detailed guide on how to use the new functionality.

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