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Work.ua integration

Work.ua integration
timer icon2019-12-19

Work.ua integration

PeopleForce team

While everyone is doing their annual reports and tidying up their work files, we're presenting what we've been working on for the last month - PeopleForce HRM now has integration with Work.ua!

Integrate your work.ua profile with PeopleForce

Now you can connect your work.ua account to PeopleRecruit system in one click with HRM integration. Simply go to the module settings and enter your username and password for system integration.


Publish, edit, update vacancies directly from HR platform at work.ua

Just enter the section PeopleRecruit with current vacancies and a couple of clicks to add a new job, post it on work.ua or make changes to current vacancies, which have already been published. We specially made the editor simple but functional, so you can highlight text and format the job description as you're used to it.


Get feedback in real time

Suppose you posted a job vacancy a couple of hours ago and you can not constantly sit on the website work.ua not to accidentally miss the notifications. With our update and HRIS profile you will know in a few seconds if there is an application and you will be able to respond to it promptly.


What if a candidate writes to you who has applied for a job before? Then he or she will not be re-added to the applicants' database - his or her information will simply be updated. All other new applicants with contact details will automatically be added to the system.

All applicants' details are automatically uploaded

As soon as a candidate leaves an application, you'll automatically see their card in the PeopleRecruit system and get these details about the person

  • Date of response;
  • contact details (email and phone number)
  • work experience history;
  • Cover letter, if the candidate has added one.

Why this information? These are mandatory fields to fill in at work.ua without which you cannot leave an application and we transfer them from the system to your profile for convenience.


No more constant updates to the work.ua page

Just enable notifications in PeopleRecruit to be instantly informed of any changes, feedback received or emails sent. In fact, you don't need to interact (directly) with this service at all, but can organise your entire recruitment process in one place. A great time saver!

Tracking analytics is possible directly in PeopleRecruit

This is what we worked on the most, because without figures and analytics it's impossible to assess the effectiveness of the work, and in our case the job portal. That's why we've introduced a special system that allows you to find out such parameters as

  • how many people responded to the job;
  • how many people viewed the ad but didn't leave an application;
  • which applicants left cover letters;
  • whether the job was filled through the job portal, etc.
  • What else is important to know about?

Since it's still HRM integration, we have no right to change the terms of work.ua, especially those concerning the number of ads. So, if you bought a package allowing you to post 10 vacancies, you won't be able to post more. The aim of PeopleRecruit is only to simplify the recruitment process.

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