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Workademy integration for PeopleForce

Workademy integration for PeopleForce
timer icon2023-04-24

Workademy integration for PeopleForce

PeopleForce team

We announce the integration of the Workademy LMS, which will now be available on PeopleForce. Why is this good news? Because among other things, Workademy allows you to create courses or trainings for your team, teach employees, and track their learning progress. But that's not all - Workademy allows you to create educational materials for clients and partners. All you need is to set it up. Let's get to know it a little more.

What is Workademy

Workademy is an all-in-one cloud-based Learning Management System for growing companies. Combining the power of didactics, and an inline course editor with OpenAI embedded suggestions, Workademy streamlines the process of creating courses for teams, clients, and partners.

Once you have access to your own personal workspace, you can also incorporate Workademy Premium content on topics such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for developers or German for beginners, among others.

The workspaces come personalized with your company’s brand.

How can I set up the integration between Workademy and PeopleForce?

Workademy will extract employee data from PeopleForce and map it over to your existing attributes on Workademy.

This integration can only be set up by the partner. Follow these steps in PeopleForce:

  1. Go to Settings > Security > API Keys
  2. Click on “+ Generate”
  3. Name it. E.g.: “Workademy Integration”
  4. Copy the newly generated key

Then go to your Workademy Workspace and follow these steps:

  1. Profile > Admin Area > Manage Integrations > PeopleForce
  2. Paste the API Key you just copied
  3. Hit Connect and then Synchronize Users

What data will be transferred?

From PeopleForfce to Workademy: Employee data.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Department

The generated API key provides access to customer data, including sensitive information. It’s crucial to handle and safeguard the API key responsibly, as customers bear sole responsibility for any sharing, disclosure, or transfer to third parties.

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