Project Management Integrations

First HRM with project management tools

Every company in tech and creative industries uses project management tools like Jira, list-making service like Trello and other DevOps tools.

We use them ourselves and let’s be honest, necessity to switch between handful of systems and tracking progress here and there was a headache. It was, up until PeopleForce went live.

PeopleForce automatically imports employees tasks from Jira or Trello. All you have to do is to select Jira or Trello tasks from the dropdown list, while adding a timesheet item. PeopleForce will update the progress in a breeze.


One system to track them all

PeopleForce provides seamless integration with software delivery and project management tools to build integrated ecosystem around time tracking and project management.

No more tracking hours for the same task in different systems. Input your remaining and logged hours in PeopleForce timesheet and let the system do the rest.

No more tracking the same task in a handful of systems

PeopleForce smoothly integrates HR Management with Project management tools.
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See how easy is that?

Once you join PeopleSoft and connect it to your Jira, they’ll remain in constant sync.

All employees’ timesheet updates are synced and reflected in Jira. Project managers and teams can keep track of project progress. Time logged and time remaining are automatically updated in Time Tracking section for each Jira task.

Get instant updates

Any updates to Jira time tracking via PeopleForce will be immediately sent to assigned project managers. Concentrate on your job and never miss any update. PeopleForce is here to save you from routine.

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PeopleForce app helps you to track project management progress from your mobile. Anytime, anywhere.

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