Why PeopleForce?


HR Management with tech business in mind

We’ve developed PeopleForce, because we couldn’t find the right HRM fit for IT and tech business.

Besides basic HR functions, PeopleForce has intuitive, yet powerful kanban-style applicant tracking system and reporting, time-off and leave tracking, project management tools integrations with Azure DevOps, Jira and Trello, employee satisfaction tracking with eNPS and more functions, regularly rolling out.


Pay for what you really use

PeopleForce is Software-as-a-Service solution, which means that it’s web-hosted and you don’t need any installation. Your HR system will be available to all employees no matter where they are located, while all the data will stay up-to-date and safe irrespective of your local files and spreadsheets.

It also means that you pay only for what you really need and use. Let us know the details and we’ll help you to choose the right package.


Project management integrations
with Azure DevOps, Jira and Trello

If you’re a company, working in tech or creative industries, all these softs are no-brainer for you. Teams use them heavily and they’ll love smooth time tracking and integrations PeopleForce has to offer. No more tracking the same hours for the same tasks in a handful of tools. Have all of them working together as a single ecosystem.

Check more about HRM integration with Jira, Azure DevOps and Trello.


Tailored to your needs and scalable

PeopleForce is flexible to get customized to your corporate policies and structure. Your recruiting steps and requirements, onboarding and offboarding, leave policies and all other HR practices are easily implemented and reflected in PeopleForce.


Permission and access control

We’ve taken care that no one has access to sensitive or private data within your HR Management system. It’s you who define what information is visible or editable by which roles, departments or even specific employees.

Take control of your HRM and adjust it to your needs. Our customer support is here to help you out at anytime.


Customer support

We love working with our customers, but what we love more is when our customers do not require our involvement.

We build systems that work and yet, we’re always there to help you with migration and any other technical issues. Each customer has assigned account manager and dedicated technical support to make you enjoy every aspect of PeopleForce experience.



Skyrocket your HR function

PeopleForce is designed to automate all the routine and free your HR people for more creative and strategic tasks. We take care of routine, so you can take care of people.


Ready to skyrocket your hr?

Request a demo and we’ll walk you through all the features for empowering your HR function with PeopleForce