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5 inspiring TED talks for human resources

5 inspiring TED talks for human resources
HR Tech timer icon2019-05-17

5 inspiring TED talks for human resources

PeopleForce team

TED talks offer unlimited source of inspiration and insights on variety of topics. We collected 5 Inspiring TED Talks for Human resources with practical advise and interesting, sometimes unexpected solutions.

1. Patty McCord TED Talk Human Resources lessons from the world of Silicon Walley startups

Patty McCord headed HR department at Netflix, so she has experienced Silicon Valley's startup culture from within. In her inspiring TED talk for HR managers Patty McCord talks about interesting insights on how surprisingly traditional some of these startup offices are. Patty McCord offers new ideas on employees motivation, talent development, building trust and creating a successful business in any industry.

2. Susan Colantuono: the career advice you've probably never get

You’re doing everything right at work, taking all the right advice, but you’re just not moving up. Why? Why are so many women stuck in middle management? Susan Colantuono shares a simple advice on those missing 30% of leadership that no one probably told you in thier career advice. This small door-opener to career advancement will be useful for HR managers. Hope you'll communicate it to your employees, seeking career development. Despite the fact that this talk is addressed to women, we believe that this piece of advice is universal for all employees.

3. Rainer Strack: the workforce crisis of 2030 - and how to start solving it now

Rainer Strack, HR expert, talks about research and preditions that by 2030 the job crisis will hit the largest economies with more jobs, than people to perform those jobs.  So the idea is to initiate shift in business culture and looks across the world for mobile workforce and new opportunities.

4. Dan Pink: the puzzle of motivation

Dan Pink is Career Analyst and in his TED talk he shows the puzzles of traditional approach to motivation and insentives in companies. There are facts and experiments obvious for social scientists, but quite disregarded by businesses and managers. Traditional system of rewards is not as efficient as generally assumed. Hope you'll get insights. What is your takeaway from this TED talk? Are you going to adjust your motivations and incentives system?

5. Dan Ariely: what makes us feel good about our work?

Let's get more insights on Employee Motivation. What motivates us to perform better and do our job? However controversial it might seem, it's not just about the money and not just a joy either. Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist and in his TED talk for HR he shows two amazing experiments, which show specifics of our attitude to having meaningfulness in our jobs.

Which of these TED talks on Human Resources inspires you most? Which of them are you planning to use in your company?

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