Loyalty of employees (eNPS assessment)

Loyalty of employees (eNPS assessment)

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Loyalty of employees (eNPS assessment)

This method is one of the easiest and most effective for calculating the staff loyalty to the company. Among many reasons why the loyal attitude of the employees is so important, the following should be mentioned:

  • Loyal employees are more committed to the company's ideas;

  • They work with a great commitment and show better results;

  • Loyal employees reduce the cost of recruitment by the employer; not only do they stay with the company for a long time, but they recommend their friends as candidates for the position.

eNPS calculation methodology

The eNPS is calculated as a 100-percent difference between happy and unhappy employees. This method consists of asking the employee to answer an elementary question:

"On a scale of 0 to 10 points, how likely are you to recommend our company as a place for employment to your friends?". There is also a field for an additional comment: "Why so?

This method of calculating loyalty is reduced to one number which is elementary to track with time. Another important aspect of the eNPS coefficient is a high indicator of feedback (in comparison with complex assessments consisting of several questions).

As a result, you will get not only a coefficient of "happiness" level of your employees, but also their typology.


The spokespersons who received 9 or 10 points. They are considered the most loyal collaborators. Employees will enthusiastically recommend your organization for employment. In general, they can promote the company among its friends. However, do not relax if most of the responses of co-workers fluctuate between 9 and 10 points. This by no means a sign that you can stop worrying about the level of satisfaction of your employees. Caring is a constant activity in which every working day and process counts.

Passive collaborators

These are people who scored 7 or 8. They show neutrality. These employees do not necessarily have a negative attitude toward the company, but they cannot be called completely loyal. You should focus on the problems that disturb them, in order to eliminate the negativity and increase the involvement of employees in work processes. The task of the employer is to increase the loyalty of the employees to the employees.


These are the types of employees who have a score of 0 to 6. They are unlikely to recommend your company for employment. When dealing with critics, it is important to identify the reasons for this attitude and to take steps to solve these problems.

PeopleForce provides you with an in-built automatic system for calculating employee loyalty scores. PeopleForce will automatically calculate your eNPS, so you can see your staff's loyalty graph for a certain amount of time. You will be able to measure the eNPS level by hours and departments. This will help you to monitor staff satisfaction and to identify weak points at an early stage.

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