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Employee attendance tracker template

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Employee attendance tracker template

Mariia Kushniruk

Employee attendance tracker template is a good tool not only for supervisors, but for employees as well. Employee attendance tracker serves as a self-control tool for employees to monitor, how much time they allocate to the workplace. They can also use it to calculate accurate amounts they will receive for their job. An employee can even customize the template for tracking attendance on his/her own.

However good attendance tracker should be fair enough and accessible to all employees. Here are some reasons why you need free employee attendance tracker template:

  • Employee attendance tracker is extremely useful for larger companies, as otherwise it would be impossible to track who is absent and for what reason;
  • Well-designed template will simplify HR manager’s task for completing the document. Our free employee attendance tracker template has automated color markers depending on leave type and days and weekdays. They will update automatically, when you input the first date of the month;
  • The attendance tracker template becomes an efficient attendance monitoring and payroll calculation tool for employers.

Download Free Employee Attendance Tracker Template

This excel template is super easy to use. All you need is to fill in the names of employees and start date of the month you want to track. All days and weekdays of this month will be updated automatically and sums of leave days will be calculated on the go. You have 5 leave types to track in different colors, which will also update automatically, once you fill in the file.

However, you won’t need to use any excel spreadsheets at all, when you switch to online HR management solution. PeopleForce time tracking feature has automated attendance tracking, leave requests and lots of other features. PeopleForce is here to free your HR service from all that hustle of manual operations and let you focus on people, not processes.

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