January updates 2020

February 03, 2020

In January, our team not only had time to relax and celebrate New Year's Eve-Christmas-and-other-important-events, but also to work productively.

3 new features in PeopleRecruit

1. We've added a new filter on the job's collaborators. That is, now not only the HR manager has access to information about candidates who have applied for specific positions, but also those employees who evaluate applicants' professional skills and make the final decision on them. And if you have a large HR department, the benefit of this function is that the HR Director will be able to monitor the performance of his subordinates and control the recruitment process at any time.

3 new features in PeopleRecruit


2. We have introduced a new type of report on the job funnel. It allows us to trace the path of candidates at all stages of selection - at which stage they refuse to communicate further, and at which stage they are most active. It allows to understand how to optimize the recruiting process and to make it more convenient not only for an HR manager, but also for job seekers. 

3. The ability to see a graph of the reasons for refusals is connected. By analyzing this graph and the job funnel, it will be possible to understand not only when a job seeker leaves, but also why. This will improve the candidate experience. 


6 new features in PeopleHR

1. updated the chart view of employee turnover and headcount in the company. You no longer need to analyse turnover figures manually. PeopleHR will do that.

features in PeopleHR

2. Redesigned the holiday assignment section. We made it more usable and simplified the process. We have also introduced the possibility of setting any date of leave postponement. Now you can do it not only from the beginning of the new year or from the day of hiring an employee, but also at other times, and you can set them yourself.  

holiday assignment section

3. We have added the ability to upload the entire leave history in a single csv file. This is more convenient for reporting to superiors and in general for keeping records of each employee. 

added the ability to upload the entire leave history

4. Auto-confirmation of sick leave requests. Now the employee does not have to wait for confirmation from HR or the director as the authorisation is granted automatically and you can set this up in your account. 

5. Opened access to the history of leave policy changes in the company account for the administrator. This will allow you to check changes to the account policy as well as track and analyse the effectiveness of the different policies that the organisation has implemented.

history of leave policy changes

6. We have added a report on custom fields. This will automatically calculate average or most popular age of applicants, number of applications from 1 candidate for different jobs or for one job (maybe you accidentally added two responses), % of custom fields filled (especially important if some of them are not required). 

2 updates in PeoplePulse

1. We've added a preview of the survey. This allows you to see what the survey looks like outside the editor, and if there are any errors or irregularities in the fields, so you can verify everything before you send it to employees and start automating feedback collection.

updates in PeoplePulse

2. We have improved the design of PDF files with results and reports. They can now be sent to the supervisor immediately after export without any edits or revisions. 

improved the design of PDF

Other updates in PeopleForce 

1. Added management of integrations with other services. If your company doesn't allow an employee to login to PeopleForce account from personal mail (for example gmail) and does it only via corporate email, it is possible to disable integration with such services (in our case with Google and Freemail). 

2. Implemented the ability to mention a specific employee in the applicant's notes at different stages of the recruitment process. This allows the person to react faster and make sure they don't miss anything important. Now we are working on implementing such a function in the whole system - tasks, comments, notifications. 

Other updates in PeopleForce

3. We added integration with the job portal rabota.ua. Read more in a previous article. 

We added integration with the job portal rabota.ua.

The PeopleForce team is planning to implement integrations with other job sites, improve UX/UI design of all modules and... That's the end of spoilers and ask you to test PeopleForce updates and share your impressions with us! 

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