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June updates 2019

June updates 2019
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June updates 2019

PeopleForce team

PeopleForce has new features released. We continue to provide modern and feature-rich HR and recruitment solutions. The PeopleForce product offering now includes 4 modules that can be purchased separately. You have more flexibility in selecting your recruitment and staffing solution according to your business needs and pay only for the functionality you actually use.

You can now choose from the 4 PeopleForce core modules:

PeopleHR is a powerful information-automated HR management system. Use it to optimise and manage your company's HR processes.

PeopleRecruit is active in optimising recruitment and candidate tracking, and includes our unique eSignature technology to streamline job offers and sign-offs;

PeopleTime runs a time tracking, cost and project management module integrated with Jira Atlassian and Trello.

PeoplePulse is the best tool for monitoring your team's motivation, satisfaction and engagement.

A detailed feature list and pricing for each module is available here.

In June 2019, the PeopleRecruit module has been expanded with a powerful pre-check function, automatic analysis of all fields in uploaded CVs, funnel report views for each job and job-to-client matching. On top of this, our mobile app has been updated to include a number of PeopleRecruit features.

Employee screening tests allow you to test candidates' professional knowledge, save time in the recruitment process and remain unbiased. Now you don't need to look for a third-party testing software provider or think about how to integrate with your recruitment processes - everything works in PeopleRecruit in the same breath.

You can create an unlimited number of tests and link them to jobs. Tests can include questions with one or more correct answers, individual assessments and time limits. You can send a test to a candidate with a single click and get a detailed report about each candidate's score and test duration.

Automated CV analysis frees your time from the routine of manually entering candidate information into the system. PeopleRecruit will extract all the fields from the candidate's CV and create his/her profile in the Candidate Tracking System.

We have also updated the functionality and presentation of recruitment reports to include a visually clear sequence of reports for one or more vacancies. Outsourcing companies can now use PeopleRecruit as a candidate tracking system for their clients and link vacancies to clients.

Stay tuned for more exciting and powerful updates from PeopleForce, the best HRM and recruitment too.

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