June updates 2020

June 12, 2020

Before the warm summer and the vacation season, our team was able to make many useful improvements that are already available in accounts. The main updates were improvements to the PeopleRecruit recruitment block and design improvements to individual elements. We share each of them with you in the article.

PeopleRecruit: what has changed?

1. Changing the main job page

Now you can immediately see important information on each job without having to go into it, namely how many candidates are on active statuses and how many have been rejected. Also, an icon in the shape of a red clock now appears if a job is overdue!

Changing the main job page

2. A complete change in the stages of a job

The stages of a job have been split into two parts: Active and Rejected candidates. Now you can see and easily analyze at what stage the candidates were not right for you and for what reason! Convenient, right?

A complete change in the stages of a job

All stages that were previously called "Inactive" are now reasons for rejection and are displayed immediately in the candidate card and on the kanban board!

Marketing manager

And you'll also be able to see the date and time candidates were added without going into everyone's card, so you can quickly give everyone feedback without procrastination!

3. Candidate filters in vacancies

In addition to the kanban board, vacancies now have the ability to filter candidates by the parameters you want: status, reasons for rejection, salary, and tags! This feature is available in the "Filter" tab of the job.

Candidate filters in vacancies

4. Complete candidate card modification

With this update you don't have to switch and "jump" through the tabs in the browser, because now the candidate card opens in a pop-up window and each field can be edited separately with just one click!

Complete candidate card modification

Plus, you can immediately see in the candidate's card what other vacancies he was or is currently in, as well as information about them: history, recruiters' evaluations and comments, interviews and more! This allows you to work efficiently with colleagues from different jobs on the same candidate - no need to call repeatedly and ask the candidate for details.

candidate's card

5. Tags

In this update, we've added the ability to assign tags to both jobs and candidates. You can now find them in the filter on the main job page and in the candidate database, by which you can filter and find only what you need!


6. Recruiter performance report

Now you can easily evaluate a recruiter's performance with our new report, which will show how many candidates the recruiter added, how many candidates contacted, interviewed, sent offers, and more!

Recruiter performance report

PeopleHR: we could not leave your favorite module without attention!

1. Employee card updates

In the employee's profile, administrators will be able to see when the employee last logged in, and adding and using social media links that are added to the profile has become more convenient!

Employee card updates

2. Additional filters in the Assets category

In the Assets tab, the new release added filters by employee and serial number. We've also added sorting by all columns. Now you'll be able to see which equipment or other assets are available!

Additional filters in the Assets category

3. Filters were added to the report on dismissed employees

Reporting on terminations became even more detailed! Filters by position, department, subdivision and location have been added to the termination report. With these filters, you can understand which department or position leaves the company most often and for what reasons!

Filters were added to the report on dismissed employees

Check out your profiles to see the changes!

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