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PeopleForce New Features: April updates

PeopleForce New Features: April updates
timer icon2019-04-06

PeopleForce New Features: April updates

PeopleForce team

PeopleForce, the first HR and recruiting management solution for tech companies, introduced new powerful features to power up HR departments with a more customisable and tailored HRM solution. Now PeopleForce supports employees’ leave balance report and export; detailed organizational chart updated automatically; custom holiday policies, assigned to locations, which can be automatically imported, saved and adjusted to any company policies, and the last, but not the least new browser extension for prospecting new candidates.

Custom holiday policies, assigned to locations. PeopleForce is all about flexibility and customisation for HR managers all over the world. Therefore we added functionality to create custom holiday policies according to country or corporate policy specifics. If the country is supported, holiday schedule will be imported automatically from API.

PeopleForce made it easier to copy holidays from the previous year as a preset and apply to the upcoming one, reducing routine of manual holiday scheduling. Moreover, HR managers can now set different holiday policies for their international offices and teams and enjoy their holidays.

Leave balance report. PeopleForce updated its robust reporting feature to include also leave balances report for all employees. Leave reports can be filtered and generated for individual or custom group of employees, as well as easily exported to Excel or .csv file.

Organization chart view. PeopleForce supports management hierarchy and displays all the reporting structure in a straightforward and flexible way through Organization chart view in Employee Directory. Organization chart is generated automatically and updated to reflect any staff changes.

PeopleForce Prospector Google Chrome Extension helps to collect candidates data while browsing on the web. Prospector will fetch candidate name, contacts, attach them the vacant position you choose and then you can import all prospected candidates to PeopleForce ATS in a click.

Plan your PeopleForce test period before the new year, check out our past updates on the blog, and keep an eye out for new releases in the PeopleForce Library.

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