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Mobile App improvements: View my documents

Mobile App improvements: View my documents
timer icon2024-02-06

Mobile App improvements: View my documents

PeopleForce team

To streamline the organizational workflow on smartphones and minimize time spent, we are enhancing our mobile application further ✨. The next is viewing folders and documents. Let's take a look at how it will work in practice.

Access to document folders via the Mobile App

Users can now seamlessly navigate, search, and sort documents by name and date, view, and download files directly from their Folders list. This significantly optimizes your work time, especially when you need to quickly download and forward a document.


Other enhancements

  • Push notifications for announcements: Users will receive push notifications whenever a new announcement is posted. Clicking on the notification directs the user to the content page, providing a detailed view of the announcement.
  • Performance improvements: Our app has been optimized for faster loading and shorter response times.

We are committed to ongoing enhancements in the functionality of our mobile application, aiming to simplify your daily organization and automate routine tasks more effectively 😊.

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding the PeopleForce Mobile App, please contact us via email or contact our experts at the Help Center.

For comprehensive articles on using the mobile app, refer to the PeopleForce knowledge base. Stay connected with us to learn more about new release updates.

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