PeopleForce unveils new HR features for hiring and integrations with project management

April 11, 2019

PeopleForce, the first HR and recruiting management solution for tech companies, introduced new powerful features to make work and life of HR specialists easier.

Based on feedback from our clients and HR practitioners in tech industries, we’ve updated PeopleForce with integrations for project management and time tracking, provided more automation in recruitment communications, introduced skills database for companies to better manage and allocate professional resources and updated HR calendar in mobile app for better user experience.

Recruitment email templates and responders. PeopleForce now allows to create email templates for communication with candidates. Such automated responders can be used by recruiters to save time in mailings to appoint interviews, provide positive or negative feedback to candidates and communicate recruitment process in a breeze.

Skills database and endorsements. IT and outsource companies need to have a clear understanding of what skill set they possess or need to acquire at any time prior to initiating a new project or managing the existing ones. PeopleForce now supports employee skills database, where employees can add their skills and get endorsed for those skills, while project managers and HR specialists can track and have an overview of necessary human resource capacity in the company.

peopleforce hrm employee certificate


Jira and Trello integrations for time tracking. Jira and Trello are one of those fundamental tools, used by tech companies. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate project management, time tracking and HR processes into a single system that would not require double tracking of hours spent or project goals accomplished. PeopleForce provides functionality to connect to companies’ Jira and Trello work environment, synchronize tasks and track time spent on particular projects and tasks. This also helps to streamline billing and payroll for each employee. Check out how it works in Integrations with Project Management tools.


hrm integration with jira



Licenses and certification tracking. Certification is another important option for managing and estimating professional capabilities of the company. PeopleForce now allows to register any type of licenses and certificates employees have, like Microsoft, Cisco or other professional certifications, track their expiration dates and allocate specific professional resources to projects based on that.

employee certification hrm peopleforce


HR calendar in Mobile app. PeopleForce mobile app has updated calendar view of all events in the company. Now information on employees’ start and termination dates, probation period dates, leave and day-off, as well as personal dates, like birthdays and work anniversaries, is accessible in a single and user-friendly display on mobile app. See detailed overview of HR Calendar.

hr calendar hrm mobile application


About PeopleForce

PeopleForce is the first all-in-one Recruiting and HR solution for small and medium-size IT and tech companies. Developed by IT people for IT people with specifics of tech and outsource business in mind. We collected best HRM practice in the market and blended it with real solutions for pains and routine, that tech HRs have to face daily.

From recruitment, onboarding or time tracking, we provide the best HR software for your business, where you can focus on people, not processes.

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