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Rabota.ua integration

Rabota.ua integration
timer icon2020-02-04

Rabota.ua integration

PeopleForce team

Before we describe the capabilities of the new functional, we want to thank you for the feedback on the integration of our platform with work.ua, about which you can read more here. All your comments and suggestions allowed us to see the new features and we are pleased to announce that integration with rabota.ua is available in all accounts, which works with PeopleRecruit module.

And now more about it.

How to enable integration?

Go to module settings "Add integration" and select "rabota.ua". Enter your login and password from your account on this resource, and everything will connect.


What opportunities, benefits does the function provide?

№1. Work on vacancy description and status directly from PeopleForce platform

Let's say there is a new vacancy in your company and you need to post it on rabota.ua. Then just go to PeopleRecruit, create a new publication with job description, draw it up and click on "Connect", selecting the right job site.

And if you happen to need to edit something (correct a mistake, change a post or a deadline for accepting applications), it's still enough to log into PeopleRecruit and enter the new information in the editor. Just a couple of seconds and it will be updated on the job portal.


№2. See job responses in real time

You don't have to wait until the beginning of a new day for the system to update. It only needs a few seconds to do so. That means you won't miss an actual, new request in response to a vacancy and can respond promptly, because we know how important speed is in the candidate experience.

And if any of the applicants have previously submitted a resume, it will not be re-entered into the database. Just his data will be updated.

№3. Analyze analytics, statistics directly from PeopleRecruit

We believe that implementing integration and not being able to track analytics is an opportunity that costs nothing. That's why our platform collects all data in one place and presents it in text format and in the form of charts and diagrams. So at any moment of active recruiting you can see how many vacancies and for what period were filled, what was the rejection rate, how many users viewed the description, but did not respond, and how many forgot to send a cover letter, etc.

Later, this will allow you to analyze how relevant audience at rabota.ua compared to work.ua, from where more candidates come, with the help of which portal they managed to close the vacancy. In the end, it will give you an understanding of which platform is more effective for specific jobs and for the company as a whole.

№4. Create your own database of candidates from a single job portal

The process of collecting personalized data begins the moment a user leaves an application on the job portal. Then all the basic information about him or her will appear:

  • first name, last name;
  • age;
  • contacts;
  • date of response;
  • work experience in chronological order, other.

What else should you know about this integration?

In spite of PeopleForce integration with rabota.ua we don't have a right to give any benefits for using the portal or change working terms for our clients. Our task is to help optimize recruiting processes. Everything else is beyond our competence.

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