September updates 2020

September 01, 2020

As you've already noticed, we update quite often and every time we want to please you with new features and capabilities of PeopleForce. That's why at the very beginning of the autumn season we're in a hurry to share new useful features! In this release we focused on one of the most extensive features in the system - absence management

What's new?

1. Output types can be assigned selectively

Previously, you could create certain types of absences in the system and create policies for them that allowed you to assign different confirmation rules. But what if there are no vacation accrual rules, but still the confirmation chains remain different for different groups of employees? 

In this system update, this is now possible! What's more, if some groups of employees are available to work from home, for example, and some are not, just remove this type from their cards!

Output types can be assigned selectively

2.  Limit on vacation days

In this update we also added the ability to choose how many maximum vacation days an employee can take at one time! What's more, if your employees can't take half a day or a few hours per day, this can be configured in your vacation rules!

Limit on vacation days

3. New integration with Slack

We've added another integration to the system that allows you to set up absence news for the Slack channel. You now have the ability to choose which days you want everyone in the channel to be notified who is not in the office, moreover, you can set up at what time this notification will come! Sharing information with employees is now easier. 

Interested to know what other features will be available in integration with Slack, stay tuned for the next updates.

New integration with Slack

integration with Slack

4. Advanced employee search

We have added a new advanced search function, where you can now find employees not only by our standard filters (position, department, division and location), but also by skills, employment status and manager! Of course, the list of filters will be updated in future releases, because we want you to work with the data in the system with ease!

Advanced employee search

5. Onboarding and offboarding tasks in the employee card

A new tab, Onboarding, appeared in the employee card, which allows you to monitor the process not only of the system administrators, but also of all responsible persons in the company. Visibility of this tab can be set in the Access rights in your account!

Onboarding and offboarding tasks in the employee card

6. Manage visibility of 1-on-1 content

Now you can hide the discussion items and further action plan for the employee with whom you are conducting 1-on-1 and open this information at any time! 

This will allow you to open only what you think is necessary to the employee before the meeting, and also the name of the 1-on-1 type will only be visible to the creator, and to the employee only after the meeting is over.

Manage visibility of 1-on-1 content

Check out your profiles to see the changes!

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